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CAA 2010-2011

CAA 2010-2011

The first annual Ceramics Annual of America was one of the most successful shows of the year at Fort Mason, with over 7,000 people in attendance. The museum quality exhibition included educational lectures by curators such as Peter Selz and Phil Linhares and renowned artists such as Jim Melchert.

Selz said “The size and scale of such an exhibition and the educational opportunities, all under one roof, were extraordinary”. The exhibition had early historical works such as Harold Paris’ Walls of Mem while contemporary artists were discovered and showcased. Ceramicists from locations as diverse as Mexico City and San Francisco exhibited in the 2010 show.Professor Jeremy Jernegan brought his work all the way from Tulane University in Louisiana.

This year’s international show will include participation from five different countries as well as a move to a larger hall will accommodate a thousand ceramic piece show, making it the largest ceramic exhibition in the United States.

The 2011 exhibition was featured in Ceramics Monthly. CAAReviewJauary2012

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